2020, the year of Introverts 

If this year has made us all wish we could pack our belongings and go back to the last years at least once, then there are some who would still hesitate because they smelt in it something that mysteriously makes it one of its kind and they would not be ready to leave before exploring it despite the thorns all along the way.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have witnessed a list of disasters befalling parts of the world or the world itself one after another respectively World War 3, Australia wildfires, locust invasion and to cap it all, this novel Coronavirus which the world was the least ready for to turn into a pandemic. Nevertheless, the irony of all of this is that some people don’t seem to fuss about this too much since they see the other side of the coin. Those ones are introverts who would still smile at the world’s fate currently because of lockdown taken as a protective measure in most countries.

Lockdown entails the ‘‘Stay at home’’ decree whereby everybody has to stay at home in order to prevent the Covid_19 from spreading massively. Strange but true, this seems to be in some way an introvert’s dream which finally came true if not a nightmare to humanity. There, actually, seems to be no other way this « dream » could have come true.

Who are Introverts? Does it ring a bell to you?

Introverts are people who tend to be more reserved and spend less time in company of others; they don’t like to hang out with lots of mates. Psychologists define « introversion » as a type of personality which shapes someone into an individual who is interested in his own self, own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people.

Introverts drain energy when socializing and therefore would rather stay at home minding their own business which mostly refers to reading books, watching TV, listening to their favorite playlist with headsets on, eating snacks, etc. This is their lifestyle

But going back to the fate of today’s world, how do people genuinely keep themselves busy if not through those kinds of activities listed above, typical of introverts? That’s why Introverts are « happy » with the fate of today’s world where everything is shut down and no more having to go to work or any other activity that is done away from home. Now they can avoid social gatherings as never dreamed of before. But the least they can possibly miss is going to the cinema, going to a cafe or going out for a walk.

We have been lucky enough to be in contact with Sophie* who accepted to tell us how she feels about the fate of the world of today.

« Obviously times have got tough; everything is shut down, no class, no going to work, only online classes and jobs. Life seems to be threatened to extinction but ironically as an introvert I’m enjoying my solitude like I never did before Covid_19’s outbreak. Now that we all have to stay at home, there is no more struggle in finding out ways of rejecting invitations without hurting someone’s feelings, not because I’m reluctant to the thought of enjoying parties with others but just because I don’t feel like. Now, all of the troubles on my sides are gone. » (a sigh of relief)

A world in which tomorrow is not promised

Extroverts, on their side, couldn’t have ever thought they could spend such a long time at home indoors unless they are sick. For all the people who were used to going to clubs, parties, discos, fairs or hanging out with a number of friends, this seems like a nightmare that they could have never come across in their minds. Like before quarantines, we were all used to washing hands with alcohol based solutions and then our hands consuming alcohol more than any other drunkard, this being the first time in the history of humanity, extroverts wish they could wake up from this nightmare of being confined. All of the appointments, rendezvous, and schedules of taking part in parties, wedding ceremonies or any other social events had to be postponed until further notice or sadly had to be concealed. So from December 2019 to now and then, everything that was undertaken without knowing what the future will bring is not ensured. We just have to sit back and watch our fate taking up the reins and follow its lead.

Learning to keep oneself busy, a sixth sense essential for survival

Now, all of the people, who had planned for social activities, have to find a way of keeping themselves busy lest boredom wipes them off the face of the earth. Except people who are working from home, others are becoming creative in ways of keeping oneself busy. Whether it is an extrovert or introvert, they are all in the same boat and need to find a way of keeping themselves busy by whether sitting in the lounger and read books or spending the whole day surfing the Internet. Things that introvert are accustomed to as part of their routine like no one else.

Extroverts are now introduced to the world in which introverts live: reading books, watching TV while chewing popcorns, surfing the internet, playing video games, etc. But are they going to survive?

If famine is not the only cause of death by starvation, then this lockdown period surely could bury the extroverts in their coffin of boredom or maybe fortunately instill into them the sense of survival by being creative in ways of keeping oneself busy meanwhile Covid-19 is lurking around.

Let’s hope since the vaccine or cure is currently tested to see its effectiveness, then the sunshine is likely be seen on the horizon but meanwhile let us all go on following all of the health institution’s protective measures and keep busy in constructive ways. I hope after all of this, extroverts will know what it feels like to be an introvert and make an effort of empathizing with them. Or maybe this lockdown may give a new taste to extroverts for living the way of life of introverts. Who knows? Only the future will tell, moment will assist…