Launched in January 2021, Shikiriza newspaper, a youth led online newspaper for children, youth and women; has achieved a huge number of things and impacts in its areas of activities. So many things have been achieved in terms of reporting, gathering and disseminating news about Burundi and elsewhere, offline training and/or awareness-raising sessions, activities aiming at enhancing visibility of the innovative initiatives and promoting youth and women, advocacy activities on behalf of children and human rights, commercial activities to ensure the survival of our media outlet, internal development activities within the editorial team and the organization, as well as collaboration or partnership activities with other organizations, all of which have been carried out.

Nevertheless, many other activities remain to be done, and we stay committed to doing our best to achieve our vision of « A community where children, youth and women are promoted, respected, aware and empowered ».
Our doors are also open to individuals and organizations who want to work with us.

If you’d like to take a closer look at what we do, what we’ve already achieved and reached, the impacts that we have made and some of our prospects for the future; please click here to download the Shikiriza newspaper’s information leaflet containing a summary of our achievements, some of our future projects, our current partners and an outline of who we are.

The Shikiriza newspaper’s information leaflet