The Shikiriza newspaper is one of the major projects initiated by the Association Shikiriza Burundi, ASB, which promotes digitalization, sexual and reproductive health, entrepreneurship, human rights especially the rights of children, youth and women, art, culture, good governance, as well as sustainable development.

This newspaper has, for its part, initiated, for its marketing department, Shikiriza Hallmark, which has recently been approved by the Burundi Development Agency, ADB.

Shikiriza Hallmark has a team of courageous, talented and gifted young people with different knowledge, skills and experiences in the field of ICT, advertising, communication, digital marketing, event management, audiovisual and design, community manager and social network management, creation of different contents and communication materials, language promotion and translation of documents, etc. This team helps any organization, individual, company or institution to develop its marketing strategy.

This team helps any organization, individual, company, and any institution, whether public or private, to develop its visibility and manage its image. It also helps these different structures to increase their impact and broaden their notoriety and power.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Creation and management of social media
  • Communication and digital marketing consultancy
  • Audiovisual production: advertising videos, videos of your various events, etc.
  • Photography
  • Event organization
  • Media coverage
  • Advertorials and advertising
  • Consultancy in the effective use of social media and the creation of content
  • Creation of various communication media: business cards, badges, posters, roll ups, teardrops, bandoleers, billboards, leaflets, service cards, flyers, etc.
  • Computer graphics consultancy: t-shirts, hats, shirts, etc.
  • Promotion and visibility of: social networks, artistic careers, events, songs, videos, etc.
  • Consultancy in the development and management of projects in the media and other fields
  • Consultancy in business plan writing
  • Consultancy in monitoring, evaluation, eligibility and learning of media and non-media projects
  • Translation of various documents
  • Etc.

For any individual or any entity wanting any of our services, we can be reached on +257 77 53 82 71, WhatsApp +257 61 586 190 or email: shikiriza1@gmail.com.