It’s a farewell to Emelyne Nduwayezu and Mama Badeda, victims of Bujumbura attacks.

Women as we know are the most vulnerable humans who are deeply concerned by threats of war and gender based violence. Even more so are women at risk as they are unable to defend and protect themselves against atrocities and do not have the ability to be their own advocates especially when war is waging. The proof:

Emelyne Nduwayezu, born in 1991 in Muramvya, is one of the victims of the grenade attacks, which took place in the city center on Tuesday. Her family and friends speak of a « good Samaritan woman. »

« She was an exemplary child, she was a great help to her family, » recounts Emelyne’s aunt, who is struggling to hold back tears.

The second_born of her family, Émelyne had come to live in Bujumbura with her aunt in order to continue her studies: « She was still in fifth grade when she moved in with me, » she said.
She studied at Kibenga School where she obtained her general humanities degree in computer science in 2018.

Courageous, as her family and friends say, Émelyne Nduwayezu landed herself a job not in computer science, but at the Tropicana restaurant in full downtown Bujumbura.
This helped her to provide for the needs of her younger siblings who still live in Muramvya and to lend a hand to her aunt who has been hosting her since her childhood:

“She was the one who helped her father to pay the expenses in the schooling of his brothers and sisters. Helpful, sociable, she had a heart of gold. She was a good Samaritan woman,” says her aunt with a sad look.

« The Good Samaritan is gone forever. »

Around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, the family received a phone call from a relative asking them if Émelyne was okay, and told them what had just happened in the city center: “There were explosions in the city center. Grace, Emelyne’s friend is seriously injured and she was with her. »

Emelyne’s close relatives are worried. They call in vain. The girl’s phone is off and Grace’s too. Nduwayezu’s family and friends visited almost every hospital in Bujumbura until 2 a.m. No trace of the young girl.
The next day, a colleague of Emelyne arrives at her home. He shows his family a video circulating on social media showing victims of the attack.

“When we saw his body in this video, we resumed our research. But this time in the morgues, and that’s where we found our child, » said the victim’s aunt.

A disappearance that left a shock in the heart of Emelyne’s best friend:

“She was like a sister to me. We sang together in the Saint-Louis Marie choir, we made our school career together, I shared a lot of things with her, so I can’t understand that she could leave me like that,” says the young girl in tears.

« She was a good waitress, smiling, welcoming. Emelyne did her job well, » testify her colleagues at the Tropicana.

« May God forgive the evildoers who killed these innocent people, just as Jesus forgave those who harmed him, » Emelyne’s colleagues conclude, visibly shocked.

« Mama Badeda », the vegetable seller

On the « Plaza » alley, K.M. and R.J., street vendors, still find it hard to believe that the one they used to meet every day is gone. She is Odette, a seller of cassava leaves, tea flavorings and sugar cane. They evoke a naturally cheerful lady.

“She was warm. Many customers knew her and often asked for « Mama Badeda, » testify with sadness K.M and R.J.
Originally from Rural Bujumbura province, Odette was the mother of six children, all twins.

“Her children were often here with her. I was able to see them today in the morgue at Prince Regent Charles Hospital. Poor children, they were devastated! » Says R.J with a voice tinged with emotion.

According to the two street vendors, Odette was seriously injured in the two attacks on « Plaza » alley. Evacuated to the hospital, that’s where she took her last breath.