‘‘Women can’’: under which conditions?

Self-confidence, change of mindset, and a will of making the difference are the qualities which women had not had before. However, nowadays, things are changing even if there are still some things that need to be done.

A woman has long since been underestimated. Proverbs like « Nta nkokokazi ibika isake iriho » and others constitute a hindrance to aiming high. Due to that, a woman lacks self-confidence by believing that great things are always done by men. Despite that, the woman of today is becoming aware of her abilities that lead to success. Even though no one can dare to appreciate the enhancement, improvements are needed.

Self-confident women reach their goals

Today’s women are making the difference. They have finally realized that they are able, too.
Kaneza* (pseudo) who is now an entrepreneur recalls how she was before changing her mindset.

« I had less confidence by bearing in mind that as a woman I couldn’t do important things. I had a poor self-image that prevented me to take steps to move forward », she assumes. This is due to the fact that a woman in Burundi is viewed as someone who is naturally weak. It is when she opened up that she finally found that she is good at something. The challenge was that, at first she was seen as a fool by her neighbours, she was the laughing stock of the city, considering her as the one who is, really, wasting her time. But now, everyone appreciates her deeds.

Due to her self-confidence, she has succeeded and she is proud of her achievements. « I am proud of my achievements as an entrepreneur », exclaimed Kaneza. She can, now, provide herself with what she is in need of and contribute to the development of the family. All of that is the result of her self-confidence and working her fingers to her bones.

Still, we are in need of improvements.

The way to success is always tough. But if one is determined and has a vision, no matter how tiresome and difficult it may be, he/she can reach his/her goals.

Even though there are some women that have already changed their mindset in believing that they have the ability to succeed, still there are others who haven’t yet noticed that. So, it is the duty of those who are already experienced to sensitize others by letting them be aware that if you want a change, you just start it rather than wait for others to do it for you.